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zMax 51-212 Engine Formula, 12 oz

zMax 51-212 Engine Formula, 12 oz

ZMAX Engine Treatment
  • 12 oz

    • Increased gas mileage
    • Reduced wear on vital parts
    • Improved performance
    • Extends engine life
    • Reduced emissions

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  • What customers say about zMax 51-212 Engine Formula, 12 oz?

    1. 50 of 53 people found the following review helpful
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Zmax WORKS!!, February 20, 2013

      This review is from: zMax 51-212 Engine Formula, 12 oz (Automotive)
      I normally don’t write reviews for products but after using Zmax I felt I had too. I have owned five vehicles over the years and I do all my own oil changes and maintenance. My previous four vehicles I tried everything under the sun in oil and fuel treatments and never seen much if any results. Zmax is a different story.

      When I bought my currant vehicle in 2009 I had already gave up on any additive working and stopped buying them. My currant vehicle is a 2005 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V and it had 27,000 miles on it when I bought it, currently it has 81,000. Every time I fill up I reset my trip odometer and calculate my mpg manually, even though my car has a computer that is supposed to do that (but it’s rarely right). Over the last 3.5 years of driving my vehicle I average 25 mpg and usually have to fill up on Friday. I have a 13.2 gallon tank and my low fuel light usually turns on around 240 miles. I would usually fill up around 260 to 270 and put in around 11 gallons of gas, and I do use the same gas station every fill up. Then one day my brother-in-law (who drives a Honda CRV 150,000+ miles a year for a delivery route) was talking about how he started using Zmax in his vehicle. He claimed he was getting 3 mpg more than before. I thought I’d give it a try on my next oil change at 80,000 miles.

      The first week and tank of gas I had Zmax in my vehicle I didn’t notice a difference in the power or mpg. I thought another waste of money. Then half way through the second tank my car started running differently. I thought the accelerator was being too touchy and responsive. I was a little worried at first and then I realized that I was feeling more power! The second tank ran down and I went to the gas station to fill up. After I calculated my mpg on the second tank I still averaged 25 mpg. It was at that time that I gave up on any mpg increase and decided the extra power wasn’t worth the cost of Zmax. I then went on my normal driving routine and after a week I noticed that my low fuel light wasn’t on. The trip odometer said I was at 243 and I had 1/4 of a tank left?! I flipped the computer over and it said I was averaging 29.4 mpg. Of course I wasn’t convinced by that at all. It wasn’t until Sunday that my low fuel light turned on at around 300 miles and at 314.7 miles I stopped to fuel up. I put in 11.04 gallons of gas in which gave me a mpg of 28.5, I was shocked. I never drove the car any differently from my normal weekly routine or did anything different. Currently I am on my fourth tank of gas, I have 1/4 of a tank left and I have traveled 250 miles so far!

      Now some time for math! I change my oil every 10,000 miles and plan to use Zmax at every change. I’ve also bought some for my wife’s car. I’ve calculated that we will use one bottle every 9 months or so per car. That comes out to approximately 3 12oz bottles a year. The 12oz bottles are around $20 at the local stores. That comes out to approximately $60 a year for Zmax. Assuming that I maintain a 3.5 mpg boost I will be getting 38.5 miles more per 11 gallon fill up. That adds up to 2,002 more miles and 70.25 less gallons used every year. If gas stays at $3.59 a gallon (HA!) that comes out to $252 dollars per year I will saving in my car alone. If my wife sees similar results that will be over $500 a year in savings for $60 a year in Zmax! And if Zmax is actually working in the power and mpg area I can only agree with its other claims of a cooler, cleaner running engine and longer engine life. I’m not going to be taking apart any engines to check that claim! Overall I am very happy and I will continue to buy and use Zmax in all my vehicles.

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    2. 54 of 59 people found the following review helpful
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Best engine additive bar none!, November 7, 2010
      D. Walker (Tennessee) –
      (REAL NAME)

      Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
      This review is from: zMax 51-212 Engine Formula, 12 oz (Automotive)
      I have a 1992 GMC Suburban with a 5.7L (350 cu. in.) that I’ve had since 1996. I religiously changed the oil every 3,000 miles. I currently have 332,000 miles on the original engine and was burning about 1/2 quart between oil changes before using ZMax. Immediately after using ZMax the oil usage went to zero! Since 2008 I’ve had no oil usage between oil changes! I know this sounds impossible but it’s true. I’ve used many other products of this type but this is the 1st one that actually met it’s claims.
      ZMax recommends that you use their product a couple of times a year but I now use it after every oil change as I think it is cheap insurance against engine wear and ultimate replacement.
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    3. 25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Makes a HUGE difference – but don’t buy it here, February 17, 2014

      This review is from: zMax 51-212 Engine Formula, 12 oz (Automotive)
      This product is actually sold for less $$ on the actual zmax website. As of this writing (Feb 17th, 2014) the single treatment lists here for $15.31 + $9.99 shipping. You can make the same purchase on the zmax site for a few dollars less. And, for $3.00 more you can get the entire 4 part kit on the same site. Be sure to click on specials to obtain the free shipping discount code. (HINT: The bottle of Small Engine Forumla can be used in your car engine. It’s the same stuff as the engine treatment. So the kit is an even better deal).

      Now for two amazing zmax stories:
      Story #1: I had just bought a Honda Accord with 110K and an automatic transmission. Upon taking it on the freeway I noticed a problem with the tranny that I hadn’t picked up on while test driving the vehicle (darn it). Once the car hit about 60MPH the overdrive cut in (effectively a 4th gear). But the moment I backed off on the accelerator the overdrive would instantly disengage, then re-engage a moment later. The effect was quite jarring and happened every time.

      Out of desperation I bought a bottle of the zmax transmission treatment and added it to the car (I had seen the old commercials on TV where they drive a car treated with zmax hundreds of miles with no oil in the pan). Within a couple of days of adding the treatment the bucking of the overdrive cutting out and in had completely stopped, and NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN AS LONG AS I OWNED THE CAR.

      Story #2. This one’s even better. I had a Toyota Corolla, again with the automatic transmission. Out of the blue the tranny started making a noise. A loud noise. It happened mostly while backing up (gear shifter in reverse). It was a terrible scraping noise that sounded like metal on metal, like two garbage can lids being rubbed together. Again, out of sheer desperation, I bought a bottle of the zmax tranny treatment and poured it in (and no, the transmission was a tad low, but not empty of fluid). I swear, the sound stopped and HAS NEVER RETURNED!

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